Lady Jenna


It´s about time that you failure found your way to my homepage!

I am a FinDom / FemDom goddess from the Palatinate and you have a ridiculous piece of shit

• to worship me,

• to make me happy and

• to satisfy myself / to satisfy my greed.


I am your new religion!

Your Alpha and Your Omega!

The center of your world!


You´ll serve me . Your my money slave and fulfill my wishes; no ifs and buts!


You are worthless and the only thing that makes you valuable to me is your money.


Your only job is to finance me and to fulfill my wishes.


You´ll do that with joy and pleasure. For you as my money bitch, there are different options how you can make my life more beautiful.


Real meetings for Cash & Go (daily)


You have to serve me unconditionally - understand! For you dirty pig, I'm always Lady Jenna, Mistress Jenna or Goddess Jenna. That's how you have to call me.


Without a tribute, you Wurm have no chance. I am the cherry on the cream of the cake, the goddess of luxury, who is definitely worth a lot to you! Come on, come on, pull out your wallet, I want to spend your money now.



What I like:

• Decent greetings and applications, of course with tribute!

• Reliable and obedient slaves who know where their place is

• Cash & Go's and CashLetters

• Gifts

• Guess

• Shoes

• Unsolicited Tributes - High Tributes

• Amazon vouchers

• promissory notes (and Blackmail)

• Online / TV / milking sessions


What I do not like:

• Failures who waste my precious time

• Key wanker

• Liar


I am interested in:

Only with your money, of course


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